SafeDon Original Latex Powder-Free Gloves

SafeDon Original Latex Powder-Free Gloves

Why Bodyguards SafeDon?

Despite the introduction of hand-washing initiatives, the level of hand-washing cannot be guaranteed to reach 100% compliance. Gloves, traditional glove boxes and dispensers can themselves be a vehicle for contamination!

Bodyguards SafeDon™ Gloves are dispensed individually from the bottom of the box.  This unique dispensing mechanism ensures that the user does not touch the gloves within the box or the box itself whilst donning gloves, this helps to minimise cross contamination.

Dispensing any glove type “Cuff 1st” helps to reduce the contamination normally caused by the traditional glove dispensing methods by which the user can touch the glove box with dirty hands or remove gloves from the box by the fingers or palm areas. 
The Bodyguards SafeDon™ glove box is securely contained within a dispensing unit that has an anti-microbial protective additive which helps to prevent the build up and growth of organisms on the glove dispenser.

The Bodyguards SafeDon™ system provides an effective infection control solution for use where hygiene is essential.

With appropriate use of gloves and the adherence to hand hygiene policies the principle of gloves dispensed “Cuff 1st” from a dispenser could potentially reduce the risk of cross contamination.

An innovative glove dispensing system featuring many key benefits to the user including:

NEW CUFF 1st Dispensing SYSTEM
Hygienic system for dispensing and donning gloves. Each glove is dispensed individually and can be donned hygienically “Cuff 1st” without touching the fingers and palm areas of the glove, this helps to reduce the potential risk of cross contamination.

Fast, easy dispensing saves time and patients waiting.