Nitrex Exam Nitrile Gloves

Nitrex Exam Nitrile Gloves
Nitrex Exam Nitrile Gloves Extra Small x200
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The NITREX Accelerator-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves are manufactured using a unique technology that negates the use of sulphur or chemical accelerators to prevent Type IV hypersensitivity caused by these substances. In addition, these gloves are free from latex and are powder-free, further reducing the risk of allergic skin reaction in individuals with sensitive skin. As a result, the NITREX Gloves are ideal for use during patient care, including care home work, dentistry, clinical hygiene applications and the administering of chemotherapy drugs.


• Palm thickness 0.06mm
• Finger Thickness 0.07mm
• AQL (Freedom From Holes) rating of AQL 1.5
• Force at Break test result of 6 Newtons
• Medium Palm Width : 95 ± 5mm
• Medium Length: 240mm
• Single-use nitrile examination gloves
• Excellent tactile sensitivity for precision tasks
• Ambidextrous design for greater versatility
• Micro-textured fingertips for good grip
• Accelerator- and latex-free for reduced risk of skin allergy
• Powder-free to reduce the risk of allergic dermatitis
• Certified for resistance to viral penetration (ASTM F1671)
• Supplied in a box of 200 individual gloves