Sapphire Blue Couch Roll 50m x 9

Sapphire Blue Couch Roll 50m x 9
Sapphire Couch Roll 50m - Blue x 9
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Sapphire Blue Couch Roll

Sapphire Recycled Couch Rolls are manufactured following strict CHSA guidelines using quality Fourstones white and blue recycled tissue paper.

Made from recycled tissue paper, this product offers an alternative that appeals to both environmentally focused and price conscious consumers.


  • UK manufactured
  • Each roll is tightly polythene wrapped for increased hygiene
  • Easy tear perforations on each roll
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • CHSA accredited


  • Recycled
  • 2ply 
  • Pack of 9
  • Core size 45mm
  • 17.5 gsm/ply
  • Compatible with Tork and other well known brand dispensers