Tork Hand Towel Roll System

Tork Elevation Hand Towel Roll Dispenser
Tork Elevation Hand Towel Roll Dispenser
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Tork Hand Towel Roll System

TorkThe Tork Hand Towel Roll System is a high-performance hand drying solution which is suitable for use in all general medical areas.

The Tork Elevation Hand Towel Dispenser co-ordinates with other Tork products, including toilet paper and soap dispensers.  The dispenser is easy-to-clean, and features a transparent area that allows the contents to be viewed without opening.

The high capacity roll dispenser uses high quality absorbent hand towels, available in three different grades (Premium, Advanced and Universal) consisting of between 408 and 1,224 towels.  The stub roll function allows all the paper on the roll to be used up, reducing the wastage often associated with roll dispensers.


  • Wall mountable Tork Hand Towel Roll Dispenser
  • Dispenses up to 1,224 towels per troll
  • Single-sheet dispensing reduced consumption and wastage
  • Stub roll feature ensures the entire roll is used
  • Easy-clean surfaces
  • Dimensions: 337mm x 372mm x 203mm (W x H x D)